For my second blog I want to talk to you about an idea that changed my whole perception and outlook on the world at quite a dark time for me. I know it sounds very cliche, but this idea can be quite deep and hopefully will help you as it once helped me. I would like to share with you why I think this phrase is particularly relevant and how this can be applied as a general credo through out anyones life. 

In my last post I mentioned about how I used to be spiralling down a deep dark path of resentment, self pity and anger after uni and I needed to adopt a different approach to dealing with my childhood illness and positively move forward. My thinking was that during my treatment I was repeatedly told that I would not survive and the treatment was so intense that in the odd chance that I did survive, I would not be able to achieve half of what I have done to date. I already proved them wrong by enduring the lengthly procedures and experimental treatments to get rid of the cancer and invested so much time and effort to get through school and university to a high level, that maybe it was even possible to excel through life even further and learn to live with my disabilities. If I accepted the level of achievement I was currently on and didn’t try to excel even further, wouldn’t I be proving all the doctors right?

To carry such a burden with you throughout your life can weigh even the strongest person down. However, if we realised that in fact it is the way that we interpret it which makes it a burden, not the weight of it, then maybe we can realise that we are the ones that control it and not the other way round. In fact it is after we manipulate any burden we are carrying to become a constant reminder of our own strength, that the weight is lifted and the impossible becomes possible. Of course allowances must be made, but this is what makes it more of an achievement when the end goal is reached. An amazing analogy that I heard recently was that of a guy that goes to the gym, if he steps on to the treadmill and walks for 40 minutes at level 1, at the end of the 40 minutes he steps off and hasn’t even worked up a sweat. However, if the same guy runs at level 10 on the treadmill for 40 minutes he will feel that much more of a sense of accomplishment at the end. Similarly, the difficulties that my illness left me with are like the levels on the treadmill and overcoming them leads me to a greater sense of accomplishment then I ever could of imagined. Of course I wouldn’t of wished this on myself or anyone else, but I want to show you that you are in control of your destiny, not whatever burden you carry. Burdens are only an excuse, anything can be achieved if you are willing to try.

This whole idea of turning a negative into a positive is the basis of my take on ‘DON’T HATE, APPRECIATE’ If you stopped hating the past and the bad times we’ve all been through, then you can start learning to appreciate everything you do have even more. It is very unfortunate that it took me so long to realise this and to start appreciating everything life has to offer, but finally I have learnt my lesson and want to share this with all of my readers so that no-one else has to go through anything like what I did in order to learn it. I spent so much of my childhood in isolation and not being able to walk or talk that now I can I have even more of an appreciation to be able to do most of the things that you might take for granted. Life is such a blessing and if I can leave you with one thought, please let it be this. So next time you are stuck at a traffic light on the way to work or working out in the gym, just take the time to think how many things you have to be great full for.


Till next time



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