Live to Mean or Mean to Live?

I was at a party the other night and got the most annoying song stuck in my head, that one by Ministry of Sound, you know the one ‘EAT, SLEEP, RAVE, REPEAT’. At the best of days having that repetitive s**t stuck in your head is not fun, but listening to those 4 words over and over again got me thinking, do we ever stop and think what else there is to life then that routine and maybe the daily munch sessions and trips to the office. There must be more to it then that, so I want to pose the question to all of you;

What are we meant to do with our lives?

Is the only meaning in life to survive and carry on living, or do we live in order to find meaning?


I have been following a couple of blogs lately and what I found was quite amazing. I have read through inspirational stories of women that have went through breast cancer, men that have fought through or are fighting through other cancers and the latest post I read was about a brave woman that is struggling to cope with her mothers passing just over 3 years ago. These are just to name a few, but there are so many of you out there and it is so great to know there is a kind of hub of survivors and patients that can give us hope and set the standards of true strength of character. Its one thing to win a fight against someone else, but these people that have won there one internal struggles by dealing and sharing with us their stories, those are the real winners and should be recognised for it.


I was thinking about these 2 ideas in conjunction with one another this week and would like to share with you the idea I have derived from them. On the one hand we’ve got the monotonous routine through life as so eloquently put in the Ministry of Sound tune which depicts the phrase ‘meaning to live’, and then we have the inspirational people, no, the heroic people that are living proof that one can ‘live to mean’. They have shown the world the meaning of true pain and a sincere reason for anger. I know feel pretty stupid for thinking I was so hard done by when the Wifi stops working in my flat or I accidently dropped my Iphone in the toilet. Thank you for all of you that have and continue to share your stories with us, there is so much inspiration and meaning you have and continue to give all your readers.


I heard a phrase that really struck me as something note worthy and especially applies in this situation and I think explains a bit more why these people are so inspirational.

‘It is not our experiences that shape our lives, but the way we choose to interpret them’

For example so many children have tragically lost a parent or gone through traumatic experiences, but it is not the loss that defines them or in my case my brain tumours that define me, it is the fact that after a while we stop feeling sorry for our selves and honour our loved ones, or friends we have lost on the way by being strong and sharing our experiences to provide meaning in our lives and hopefully someone else’s too. Unfortunately we do have to carry the weight of our past around with us, but it is up to us if we let those experiences eat us up inside or use them to provide meaning in our lives, such as this blog is doing for me.

So now you’ve heard my thoughts on the matter, I want to hear yours;

Which phrase do you most relate to and what would you say is the most meaningful thing you’ve done this week?

In till next time




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