We all have bad days

I know all of my posts so far have been inspirational and upbeat, but at the moment I just don’t feel like I can justify a similar post, so this may be slightly melancholy and for that I apologise in advance. I mean this post isn’t just about me venting a bit, but the conclusion that I ultimately came to. Sometimes you might feel that everything’s going well in your life, so you let your guard down for just a second to have a bit of fun, and that is when history can repeat itself and mistakes can be made. Ultimately that feeling of guilt and disgust will start to eat away at your positivity un till you can fully talk it out, a quick conversation ‘no harm done’ kind of thing just doesn’t cut it, you need to have a full deep realisation that eventually leaves you with an epiphany otherwise that feeling in the pit of your stomach will churn up again and you’ll be back to square one. This kind of stuff can’t be avoided and is just a part of life, but as I have had to learn the hard way and I hope you will take it from me, unless you deal with it head on and in full then it will keep rising to the surface when you least expect it.


Dealing with all your anger and frustration in full sounds easy when you have time to internalise your thoughts and reflect, but lets say that for whatever reason you can’t, I mean all parties have to be willing to partake right, then what do you do? Well I don’t think there really is a solution, but what I have learnt to do which seems to dissipate the feeling just long enough to deal with it properly is by rationalising to yourself that there is always someone who has it worst then you and still manages to leave with a smile on their face. For example I read today in the papers of an 18 year old girl studying in Birmingham with a disease called Fibro dysplasia or more commonly known as ‘stone man syndrome’. This is when you have a second skeleton growing on top of the first, which will slowly turn your muscles to bone and freeze your limbs. This is such a rare disease, but to know that someone can live with a disease like this and still live a relatively normal life is just so humbling and makes me ask myself what right do I have to beat myself up over a stupid mistake I’ve made when there are people out there trying to cope with such an awful condition? What is more inspiring about this story, is that it has forced doctors at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital to set up a world-class rare disease centre where conditions such as Seanie’s can be researched and treated. This could not only cure her condition, but other future cases and pave the way to ground breaking research in to osteoporosis sufferers and others with bone diseases. If this was to be set up and help future sufferers, this will all be because of 1 Birmingham A-level student that turned a negative into a positive.


There’s one more case that was in the papers today that really proves this point. Stephen Sutton, a 19 year old boy who coughed up a tumour. He was diagnosed 3 years ago with Bowel cancer and ever since has been spreading his inspirational message through out the world (sort of what I hope I can achieve). He has raised £3,067,699.31 online to date for the Teenage Cancer Trust which I have just donated to here’s the link encase you would like to show your support. He has also released an inspirational You Tube video, which you can view here.



So just to pull all of this together, everyone feels down at some time or rather and it is only you that can really take the action needed to pull yourself out of that funk. It does help to talk about it, but in the end of the day it is no one else that you need to convince apart from yourself. Just feel humbled by knowing what hardships are out there and inspired by knowing that people are proving that in spite of any illness or condition that is thrown there way, you can always make a positive thing come out of it, it is just up to you to try.


How do you deal with anger and guilt, leave a comment or email me with suggestions for the next post at doron.barsam@gmail.com


Un till next time



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