Sorry for being a bit rubbish lately in the blog department hence the lack of fresh material. Lately some major changes in my life have happened that have kept me slightly preoccupied to say the least, but hopefully I can make up for that with this blog and will try my best to post more frequently in the future.

I have now changed my career or am in the progress of doing so and am feeling so much happier for it. The cliché ‘you should love what you do’ has never really hit home till now. The funny thing is that it took me nearly 4 years to remember that the next part of the saying is ‘and do what you love’. This might not be the subject you study in university, but found by your passion in life. For a while I was thinking that the years prior to entering the education sector was a waist. Although, in retrospect the 4 years prior my career in education was probably equally if not more beneficial then originally thought, because;


  1. If I didn’t spend the time following the wrong path, how would I know that I am following the right or even a better one now?


  1. If I would have started my career in education and not followed the obvious career path preceding my university course, would I of enjoy it as much as I am now?


I have realised something through all of this. I don’t think that you can really define any past mistakes at all as bad or a loss or time, because they all teach you something about yourself. As long as you your mistakes are used to alter your course in life and therefore is actually a good thing otherwise you wouldn’t find were your going. The real happiness found in life is not by having a kick ass job or flat, but by learning about and being true to yourself as a person and mistakes play a big part in this. Also it is no good introducing something you know you might like if you do not feel you are ready for it yet (kind of repeating the time line theory, lol). I realise why it is so important to remind yourself of the past now, because this is were you find your true self and without the past and reflection on the past, your future might not take the shape you want it to.


I may of mentioned in one of my blogs that I was told to find something that makes me unique in my life and use that as my drive. I started of my blog series as a way to draw on my child hood experiences with cancer and my outlook on future experiences due to this. Now I am doing exactly this in my day job and absolutely loving it. I am drawing on the coping methods and patients that I had to learn and continue to employ in order to best support the children at the school I work at. I see the importance to choose something that comes naturally and I don’t have to work at or feel pressurised by.


Anyway that’s my rant done and as the new year comes I want to wish you happy holidays and an amazing year ahead (hopefully with more blogs from me, lol)


Till next time . . .


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