A theory of a theory of everything

I just watched the Theory of Everything and it was so good that I thought that I just had to share some of my opinions with you. I thought it differentiates so well between the two different theories of disability. The Medical model i.e. ‘ he needs a wheel chair and is only confided to wheel chair accessible activities’ and what’s fortunately more acceptable now, the Social model i.e. ‘he needs a wheel chair, but we can make non wheel chair bound activities accessible to him’. It is really heart warming to know that the idea of inclusivity especially with regards to disability is being portrayed in a new light due to such films as; The Intouchables, The Silver line Playbook, Dallas Buyers Club, 12 Years of Slaves and many more. With all the hatred and wars now days that we hear in the news it is refreshing to know that society is indeed evolving intellectually.

One of the main things that I took from the movie is the fight that he had in him to keep on fighting and overcome the odds, finding ways in which he could overcome them did not just come from him, but from his wife. I think without someone that loved him and cared for him despite what she new was inevitably going to happen in the foreseeable future, he may not have been able to achieve the same amount. Although I understand the frustration and struggle that he must of gone through at the beginning of the disease when he was in the Denial stage, thinking about it I actually sympathise more for his wife who loved him and had to watch him degenerate as he did. I understood when she left him, it is hard to carry on in a relationship that is such an uphill battle. People may argue that if one marries for love of the person and not what is on the outside then it should of not made a difference, but my rebuttal to that is that such a disability can change who a person is, especially in the early stages. I think deep down I would feel guilty if I was denying the person I loved a life with someone that could not reciprocate her affection in the way she wanted. It would have been interesting to see what would happen if he was given the voice modulator earlier on, although he would just have a platform to vent his frustration.

This movie does prove the point of my first point though; just because something is medically proven does not mean that it you should give up. There is so much about the human body that we don’t fully understand yet. I think that the power of the brain and will has a lot of affect on the body, for example Placebos giving the desired affect of a regular pill in some circumstance or even the way the brain can control the heart beat just by breathing in a relaxed fashion. I mean he was given two years to live and he proved them wrong, I was given three months and I proved them wrong and I am sure there are so many stories like that which I would really be interested to hear about.

In short if you believe it you can achieve it!


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