A Game of Cards

Through thinking about a TV show the other day I came up with an interesting question, which I would like to throw out to you. I thought that a Marvel inspired TV show can’t pose such a philosophical question, but whether I am misinterpreting it or have just swung wildly of the topic, I think that the question it asks is really interesting. The series that I’m talking about is the ‘Dare Devil’. I know the movie was an absolute flop, but the series is surprisingly good. I will try to be as vague as possible as not to spoil this for any of you that want to watch it.

In a nutshell the series focuses on a blind man that masquerades as a vigilante aiming to save his city. Whether this is the right way or wrong way to go about things is the obvious dilemma, but not the one I would like to pose to you. In the series he explains that the accident that blinded him also enabled him to fully utilise his other senses and accomplish things that not many people are able to do with the full use of their eyes. He goes on to question whether the fact that he was dealt the cards that made him blind and gave him the ability to fight crime means that he should reshuffle the deck and play the game by using his hand to his advantage and put his abilities to use by fighting for his city and the people within it.

I related to this and asked myself a similar question. I was unfortunate to have suffered cancer and forced to live through the hardships that this brings and learning knew coping mechanisms to help me through life. It is because of this that I have grown to be accustomed to difficulties and patience when climbing the learning curve. So by playing to this observation I have reshuffled the cards that life has dealt me and used this to my advantage by entering in to a career that utilises these skills. I am now five months into my teaching career and am aiming to do whatever it takes to become the best teacher I can and ‘trump’ my hand to play the game to my advantage. This is a message to any of you out there that has had a hard time and been dealt a shitty hand (mind my language), what can you do to reshuffle the deck? What’s even more of a question is, if you where dealt a different hand would you of still ended up at the same place?

This is what I think about hardships, but I would love to hear some of your views so please comment on this post and share your stories. You have heard mine and now I would love to hear yours.


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